The Hidden Path is a podcast that is streamed live on Youtube.

We talk about a VERY WIDE array of topics but mainly we find ourselves on the FRINGE outline of conventional reality. If the NEWS is ignoring it purposefully, then chances are that we are chomping at the bit to shine the light on it.

Currently the podcast can be found on platforms such as Youtube, ITunes, Spotify, Google Play Podcasts, and other smaller podcast syndication apps.


The podcast is hosted by Resonance Rich who is basically your everyday, friendly, internet neighbor who is seeking the truth that is hidden but also finding along the way VERY INTERESTING subjects that are not all that well known in the public domain. His goal is to bring the Hidden Path audience fascinating guests that stir the mind, evoke imagination, and uncover esoteric knowledge once commonplace. He also loves to take your LIVE calls because well, people can be so interesting!

Hidden Path also has a lot of help from other people as well who are just as crucial to the operation of our mission. Renaissance Ted is our Executive Producer working behind the scenes to seek out and contact interesting guests or organizations looking to spread the message/information we find to RESONATE with the show.

Our co-host and audio engineer is Deep Eddy. He manages our social media accounts, guest scouting, and helps co-navigate the podcasting skies with Resonance Rich

Looking4Truth is our friendly Miss Moderator who helps during our live streams to moderate the live chat to keep the trolls and unfriendly types at bay. She does her best to provide a comfortable environment for our audience while they listen, discuss, and type out questions for us during the show.


God Like Productions is a website set up in the format of a community forum where people from all around the globe can discuss topics that range from current events, all the way to far out conspiracies. GLP is a thriving community that has been around for many years and the website gets generally 1 - 2 million page views per day.

God Like Productions is the Hidden Path Podcast's sponsor and we consider ourselves the official podcast for them. Most of our audience at this time comes from GLP.


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